To access and download United Servicer's FREE Cost of Doing business Calculator click on the image above.

To use this calculator simply fill in your company's value in the yellow highlighted boxes to reveal your hourly cost and average ticket revenue to achieve your goals.

For more in depth instructions on how to calculate your cost of doing business Click here


Why should you know your hourly cost to run your business?

  • Operational control & enhancement of your business
  • Decision making and strategic planning
  • To set service rates based on YOUR cost to deliver a profit

What can you do if the results from the CODB Calculator are not competitive in your market?

  • Lower your expenses and overhead - insurance - lower fuel costs - cheaper telephone and office supplies - smaller office space etc.
  • Increase your efficiency - 1st call completes - better inventory management - parts purchases etc.
  • Lower technician wages - good luck with that one!