Servicers Can Make a Difference

As service companies we interact with so many people on a daily basis that we really can make a difference. It was just published that “The ranks of the Nation’s poor have swelled to a record 46.2 million – nearly 1 in 6 – as the prolonged pain of the recession leaves millions still struggling and out of work.” Read more
For 2 years Andy’s Appliance Repair Inc. in Lincoln NB has run several food drives for local charities. Last month’s drive donated over 1500 pounds of food for a local mission. Tanner Andrews, president of Andy’s urges all service companies to run similar promotions. “ Many of us are blessed with successful businesses and this is one way we can use that success to give back to those that need it most at a time of year that can be very stressful.” says Andrews. October is an important month for food banks as the Holiday Season is fast approaching in November and December. Many food banks are already running short and the holidays are an even heavier burden on them.
When customers call in for service at Andy’s Appliance Repair Inc. they’re given the option to reduce their repair bill by $10.00 if they donate 3 cans of food to the local food bank and the technician will deliver the donation for them. Warranty customers are given discount coupons for future service calls with a similar donation during the warranty repair. “We promote this on the radio, Facebook and in emails to our customers. People are very receptive and often donate more than just the minimum of three cans. “Explains Mr. Andrews.
So hats off to Andy’s Appliance Repair Inc. in Lincoln Nebraska who demonstrates that it doesn’t have to be that way. Service companies can make a difference.

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