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Let Fleet Tracking Help you Get the Most Out of the Dollars You Spend on Gas

With gas prices rising steadily this spring, ensuring the efficient use of fuel among your fleet of vehicles is increasingly crucial. Because fuel costs can so quickly eat up a business’s resources, it is important for companies in the service industry to be aware of the ways in which fleet tracking can ensure that your company uses fuel as efficiently as possible.

There are several ways in which fleet tracking can save your company money on gas, not the least of which is providing real-time updates that enable managers to always know their employees locations so that they can find the most direct routes possible between your clients’ locations. Should a client call in with an emergency need, fleet managers will be able to quickly determine which employee is in the closest proximity to the urgent request.

Another crucial way in which fleet tracking ensures fuel efficiency is through cutting down on idling time. Only an hour of idling time can consume two gallons of gas, and a fleet tracking system will keep you constantly aware of which vehicles are idling and for how long. This means that if only one of your employees is letting their vehicle idle an hour a day, you can add as much as $150 per vehicle every month in unnecessary fuel costs.

Employee abuse of company time and property is another way in which resources are quickly wasted, and through fleet tracking, you will always know if your employees are making out-of-the-way stops or are using your company’s vehicle to conduct personal business. Owners and managers will have the peace of mind of knowing that fuel is only being consumed for company business on company time.  Along these lines, some businesses have to even endure the fear of their employees billing the company for fuel, yet actually filling up their own personal vehicle.  This can be eliminated by tracking mileage to know how the expected fuel consumption as well as tracking stops so that you know your vehicle was actually there to have been fueled up in the first place.

What do all of these features boil down to?  Answer: Accountability

A great deal depends on your business’s success and you fleet operating as efficiently as possible is at the top of the list when it comes to your bottom-line. You deserve to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that, while fuel prices may continue to rise, unnecessary fuel consumption will be decreasing in your company. So look into a fleet tracking system today to begin saving money immediately as this is just one of the many benefits that can save you a great deal of money every month and costs less than $1 per day/vehicle.  For more information, check out

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