by Samurai Appliance Repair Man,

There are at least as many adaptive defrost control (ADC) schemes out there as there are manufacturers– maybe even double.  Most of the manufacturers have two and sometimes more, different ADC systems depending on the make and model of the refrigerator.  Keeping up with ’em all can make your head spin.

Most of us are familiar with the ADC system used in GE’s Profile and Arctica line of refrigerators– you know, the ones with the affectionately-named “muthaboard” on the back.  But, like most of the other manufacturers, GE uses a different ADC scheme on its lower end top-mount refrigerators, the so-called TMNF line.

Example model numbers are:

GTH/HTH 16 cuft

GTH/HTH 17 cuft


This mercifully short little video explains the ADC system used in these GE TMNF refrigerators.  In the video, I explain I how this ADC works and how to put it into manual defrost mode for troubleshooting and testing.

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