Press Release: Appliance Repair Grand Rapids MI Firm Becomes Member of United Servicers Association

E.D. Miller Appliance Service Inc. in Grand Rapids, MI, joins United Servicers Association (UASA) and begins to reap benefits.


E.D. Miller Appliance Service Inc.

PRLog (Press Release)Jun 19, 2012
Grand Rapids, Michigan – In February of 2012, E.D. Miller Appliance Service, Inc., became a member of the United Servicers Association (UASA). UASA is a major trade association that helps its members to develop, and UASA provides services and programs intended to assist members in building strong businesses in North America’s competitive environment. These services shall include but not limited to: (1) Educational Programs, (2) Government Lobbying, (3) Manufacturer Relations, (4) Management, Marketing and Operational Programs, and (5) Peer Group Formation and Facilitation.

Millers has already seen benefits from being a member of UASA. One UASA service that has been a benefit to Millers is getting valuable information about parts that are difficult to find. Another is using the UASA website for access to service manuals, technical tips, as well as the Chat UASA function where questions can be asked and answered by technicians experiencing the same service issues.

“UASA has been valuable to keep us informed of changes in the industry” stated Mike DeYoung, co-owner of E.D. Miller Appliance Service, Inc. “The ongoing training is helpful for my technicians and the yearly convention is an added plus for business as well as the technical training.”

To learn more about this Grand Rapids, Michigan based Appliance Repair firm, visit:

About E.D. Miller Appliance Service Inc.:
Mike and Teri DeYoung now own and operate E.D. Miller Appliance Service Inc.  Since 1953, Miller’s trained technicians have provided appliance repair. Types of repair include: washer repair, dryer repair, oven repair, range repair, cooktop repair, refrigerator repair, wine storage unit repair, freezer repair, ice maker repair, and dishwasher repair.  Miller Appliance Service serves the greater Grand Rapids and Kent county areas.

Contact Information:
Mike DeYoung
E.D. Miller Appliance Service Inc.
4464 Bonanza Dr N.E
Grand Rapids, Michigan 48525
Phone: 616-363-0102

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