by Samurai Appliance Repair Man,

Konnichiwa to all my Brethren in The Craft!  As professional Appliantologists, we’ve all been on service calls for a compressor that’s failing to start and, instead, doing what we call the hum-click cha-cha. Typically in these situations, you find a Kentucky-fried compressor start relay.  These are usually great jobs: straight-forward, high-margin, and high degree of customer-perceived value; I call these kind of jobs “Skip n’ Plucks.”  But if you fall into parts-changing monkey mode and don’t analyze the situation like a true Appliantologist, you could end up with a call back in a short time for the same problem.

In this month’s magical journey into the ancient and mystical art of Appliantology, I’m going to share with you the Double-Extra Special Secret Samurai Trick™ for correctly diagnosing compressor start problems and making sure you’ve identified the real failure cause when you’re on these types of service calls. Come with me now on a journey of Total Appliance Enlightenment™: