Customers Highly Value Expertise, Professionalism, and Promptness

Survey after survey confirm these are the things customers are looking for when hiring a service company. When a company charges by the hour, however, it causes customers to become focused on time alone, forgetting the core things that bring ultimate satisfaction and confidence in both the repair and the company that provided the repair. Certainly time is important to everyone, but providing a highly trained technician, with a fully stocked service vehicle in a timely manner is the best and most sure-fire way of insuring an appliance is repaired quickly and properly. Most customers never see nor do they understand all of the costs associated with the repair, including the person who answered the phone, orders and inventories the parts, the expense for tools, your vehicles and all the training that goes into a job. When charging by the hour, it is very difficult for a customer to reconcile paying a reasonable price for a service professional to complete a job because they are only focused on the time it took to complete the repair. Charging a standard, flat, job rate takes away the clock watching and refocuses the customer on your companies professionalism, experience, and customer service skills all the while insuring that you will make a profit for your efforts.  The Blue Book allows you to give the customer one set rate for the repair.  No haggling, one set price that includes the parts, service charge and labor.  This is very easy for the customer to understand and no clock watching to argue over!

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