2013 GE Appliances Service Technical Assistance Subscription Updates

GE Customer Care Servicers

Date:  26 February 2013

Re:  2013 GE Appliances Service Technical Assistance Subscription Updates

GE Appliances strives to provide the highest quality assistance to our service network.  To achieve this goal we are implementing changes to   our Technical Assistance Group (TAG) and 24/7 Customer.net service website.

Over the next few months our service network will experience improved call prioritization on service support requests coming into TAG and a more user friendly interface to our service web-site.  We recognize these actions are critical to enabling technician productivity gains and ensuring a positive service experience for our consumers.

GE offers a service subscription package for our authorized Customer Care network.   This package allows servicers unlimited access to TAG for in-warranty and out-of-warranty service support during our normal hours of operation.  The subscription package also allows 24/7 access to our service web site.

For the first time in more than 7 years we are implementing a fee increase for our service subscription package.  Service Subscription fees beginning April 1, 2013 are:

Authorized Servicers

                                  1 to 4 technicians $250 annual

                                  5 to 9 technicians $300

                                  10 or more technicians $350

TAG will support In-warranty product calls from authorized servicers and servicing dealers without a subscription. Payment    of the subscription fee is mandatory for all out-of-warranty TAG support.

We understand our service network needs to continuously have accurate and timely technical information for in-warranty and out-of-warranty service.  Service Subscription fees enable our team to drive continuous improvement for product service technical support through-out the value stream.

Steve Freeman

Technical Assistance Group


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