UASA’s ASTI 2013 Brings Together Independent Trainers of the Industry

Orlando, March 2013: ASTI 2013, known for its outstanding ability to assemble training and networking events in the Appliance Service Industry, has yet another success story to tell:  bringing together three leading independent industry trainers.

In speaking together for the first time in person, these three unique businesses realized that they offer very different products; rather than compete, they can collaborate in the future, as independent businesses to provide the knowledge necessary to the industry’s technicians. Fred’s Appliance Academy, Jerry Frear Training Associates, and Level 2 Learning had an opportunity to meet in person and assemble a round table meeting to discuss the needs of the Independent Appliance Servicer. The three discussed how they could improve training in the industry with tech rides and product training from Level 2 Learning; with Jerry Frear’s webinars, such as online schematic training, and with Fred’s Appliance Academy’s in classroom, hands-on training.

Richard J. Sedlack, owner of Level 2 Learning, ( stated, “When I arrived I met Fred for the first time, and I knew Jerry when he was a trainer for Marcone – and then the light bulb went off.  Jerry has mastered the art of delivering technical information in webinars, Fred has grown his Academy through hard work and proven techniques with manufacturers’ support, and Level 2 provides on location hands-on training as well as business consulting.”

 Jerry Frear, owner of Jerry Frear Training, (  “I see the need every day for experienced appliance technicians.  Now there is a way of getting them excellent training with our training companies. Fred’s Academy with classroom and hands-on learning and Level 2 with on-location hands-on training. Jerry Frear Training will show you how with: Live Webinar Sessions, and On-Demand Video. Our goal is to provide you with knowledge so you continue to GROW with the industry. This knowledge will make you money and save time, because your technicians will be more efficient in the diagnosis and repair of the appliances they work on.”

Fred Butcher, owner and instructor at Fred’s Appliance Academy, ( “Fred’s Appliance Academy offers a diverse technical training program that covers all aspects of appliance repair. Our hands-on program provides students with the basic skills and experience to service all major appliances, from washing machines and dryers, to ranges and refrigerators. Our classroom offers state of the art equipment. In addition, we manufacture specialty tools to make the technician’s job of diagnosing more efficient. Our goal is to provide a path for the new and experienced technician – assisting them to obtain the knowledge and tools necessary to become a Master Technician.”

Please feel free to contact these businesses to discuss your training needs.

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