OklahomaOver the last few days there have been some terrible storms and a tornado in the Oklahoma area. The coverage on the news shows just horrific damage, not only to the residents’ homes and personal property, but also a huge distress to them physically and emotionally.

At this time people want to help; I want to help. I am a small business owner and donations in the form of money are not enough.   I am considering donating the services of 2 techs, myself and lead installer as well as a few units as well as all the parts and Freon our two service trucks can hold.  I am looking to find a contractor in the Oklahoma area who is willing to take our services and materials and help donate them to the Moore Oklahoma residents. I can bring a trailer with some appliances such as refrigerators, 2-5 ton R410a, new Trane units, and 2-R-22 heat pumps, as well as 150lbs of r-22. We can install, repair and refurbish A/C systems and appliances. I have several A/C and domestic refrigerator compressors we can donate and install.

I can offer a few days of time to a HVAC contractor who is willing to help out their fellow residents.   At a time like this, it’s hard to comfort people, but we have some way of at least making them a little MOORE comfortable. The staff with At’Cher Service A/C and Appliance want to help, can you folks help us help them?

I can be reached at 702-538-2340 (cell) 702-633-7568 (office) or kjagmin@hotmail.com

Thank you –Ken and the staff at At’Cher Service
Kenneth Jagmin

At'Cher Service