Improvements to On-line Parts Program

Service Company Solutions announces some major improvements to their (MPH). 

Recently, Service Company Solutions (SCS) added several enhancements to the MPH Premium subscription. Subscribers now have the ability to upload their inventory by specific or generic location to their MPH Premium account.  This new feature allows users to see inventory by each individual truck, in-shop, and anywhere else they stock parts.  Now whenever searching for parts, besides seeing which parts distributor has the needed part, users can see if they already have it in their inventory.  This new feature should help in reducing or eliminating duplicate orders of parts already in stock.

Another new feature added is the ability to share parts inventory information with other service companies, but only with the subscriber’s approval.  If MPH users have friends/peers that they want to be able to share their inventory list with, they can request and grant permission to those other companies so they can view their inventory and they can also view theirs. MPH users can also make their inventory available to all MPH Users nationwide.

Subscribers of the product can also grant permission to specific staff members within their company who already have access to allowing them to see their own truck stock, other service vehicles in their fleet that are in their geographical service area or all of their inventory companywide! Totally customizable! This can prove to be a real advantage when technicians are looking up parts for a specific repair. They will no longer have to toggle back and forth between their service software and MPH to see if the part is in stock on their own truck or another truck in the company’s fleet.

These new enhancements have tremendous benefits for service companies.  Here is a list of a few of those benefits to MPH Premium users:

• Reduced Cycle-Times

• Improved Efficiency

• Faster Inventory Checks

• Additional access to parts in close proximity

• See your own inventory in the Online Blue Book

• Auto Update of Inventory with Software Company Modules (check with your software vendor)

To order your copy of the Original Blue Book Flat Rate Repair Guide at the UASA discounted price click on the link from the home page.

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