Understanding SEO: Quick Review

By FixBoost Now, UASA Website Builder

No one can guarantee Search Engine placement. Search Engine ranking is determined by proprietary algorithms owned by the Search Engines themselves. If a company could guarantee top search engine placement, Search Engines would be out of business. That said, there is a science to being found in search.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO?)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key to getting more traffic, calls, appointments, results!

Content that is optimized for search engines is search-engine friendly; this type of content follows a particular set of ‘rules’ that help search engines more easily read the information you have online and display it in search engines.

Why SEO? Why is it important?

SEO is important because you care about your return on investment. The more Search Engine Optimized your online content is, the more traffic – or eyeballs – will come to your pages. You and your clients care about how many people see your content online, the leads this generates and the sales it delivers.

 What types of things help SEO and your Search Ranking?

1)     Having content on your website/directory especially for Search Engines

2)     Making it easy for search engines to find your content (proper page creation)

3)     Telling Search Engines what keywords are important

4)     Showing Search Engines where to find those keywords in your content

5)     Linking to relevant sources of similar information

6)     Demonstrating authority in a particular subject

7)     Updating or adding more content as often as possible

8)     Creating separate blog sites that link to your website

Great SEO

We like to think of good SEO as a simple formula:

Content + Frequency + Time + Social Media Shares = Good Search Ranking

  •  The content should contain relevant keywords
  • The content should be created as often as possible
  • The longer the time you perform these practices, the better the ranking

And NEW:

The more the content is released to social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.) and shared, the better your real-time ranking results!

For more information, contact FixBoost Now:

info@boost.com            UASA:  1.646.571-2018            Canada:  1.450.902.2590

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