The New Face of Search Engine Optimization

By Mark Maupin, Right Now Marketing

In a time not terribly long ago, the Internet was a sort of “Wild West” when it came to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Nowadays, however, things are quite a bit different. Gone are the days of easily gaining rank in Bing’s and Google’s search results with just a few simple tactics. With so many search company algorithm updates geared towards improving the results of paid advertisers (not to mention more space on the search page being dedicated to “integrating” paid ads, into the results interface), it’s no wonder SEO guys have had to head back to the drawing boards.

In the search for new avenues for garnering page ranking and getting in front of the most eyeballs, SEO experts have found a new outlet that carries plenty of weight in the internet world. That outlet is FaceBook. Most people only realize and utilize the social aspects of FaceBook, but some search optimization adventurers, have figured out how to take advantage of the “juice” that is there for the taking on the popular social network.

I, myself, have has realized substantial results, using FaceBook pages, as a method of promoting appliance repair sites. Through building a number of FaceBook pages, for their Local coverage (example Appliance Repair Detroit) and then building pages for the various areas that the appliance repair service covers (example Appliance Repair “suburb name”), I have experienced dramatic increases in the number of visits and have generated more inbound calls.

By using the high-ranking FaceBook site as a promotional tool, I can create very strong back-links to the website of an Appliance Repair Business. These Backlinks are looked upon favorably by Google, resulting in strengthening their position on the page when searched for. With FaceBook’s timeline and status updates, along with posting YouTube videos on the Appliance Repair Service, we are able to add content and URLs that connect to the Appliance Business Sites, their directory site listings, and press releases. With the outgoing back-links from the FaceBook site, the Appliance Repair Service’s websites gain significant credibility when tracked by the search engine spiders.

Since FaceBook now allows phone numbers within the page headers, these pages have become a very important tool to increase traffic. One example of this is “The Dumpster Man”, in which I have created localized FaceBook pages, for a firm that is a referral site that supplies commercial-grade dumpsters for business and residential use. These FaceBook pages were created to focus on local marketing (with exact-match search terms, i.e. Detroit Dumpster) and can rank very high in major search results. When these sites come up, the phone number is now right in front of the customer on the header.

In conclusion, FaceBook pages are easy to rank, FaceBook pages provide quality links back to your sites, your YouTube Videos, you other social sites, and your directory sites. If nothing else, you can move one your competitors off the page.

About the Author: Mark Maupin

  • In the Phone Ringing Business Since 2004, doing Online Business Optimization (10 Years) for National Franchises, 30 of Largest Appliance Companies, Top home improvement companies like “Hansons” and National Franchise “HandyPro”
  • Participates with national peer group of top internet marketers
  • Leads 2 internet marketing clubs in Michigan
    (networking and education only)
  • On Internet Marketing Advisory Board for International Academy Design & Technology (4-year college)
  • He markets to service-related businesses

We are in the service business—just like you!

  • Customers say “We stay because he makes me money”. “The only thing that counts in business, is results”.

Mark Maupin of Right Now Marketing at: or 248-939-6232. Mark specializes in making appliance repair companies’ phones ring.

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