EZOfficeInventory – Asset & Stock Management Tool for the Service Industry

By Ali Syed, www.ezofficeinventory.com

Profitability of your business depends on its efficiency and each job that gets held up because a tool or stock item isn’t readily available is a dent in your profit. EZOfficeInventory tackles this pain-point by helping you manage assets, tools and stock effectively with minimal effort. Using EZOfficeInventory, you can track checkout of each tool, its expected return, inventory stocks, and even reservations for future events. You can also bundle items for specific jobs so as to make tool assignments quicker and also act as a checklist for having the right tools for the job. With this the efficiency of your staff is bound to reach new heights.

EZOfficeInventory is a web based solution that provides real-time asset and inventory stock information 24×7 on-the-go and requires no installation or investment in additional hardware. Scanning barcodes can now be done using a smartphone with camera and Internet access, it just requires installing our mobile apps, available for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

EZOfficeInventory is designed for quick deployment and ease of use, after all, we understand the last thing a business needs is to add administration overhead on its employees. There is a free trial period to ensure you make the right purchase once you’ve experienced the business impact of the solution.  We are constantly adding new features and enhancements based on feedback we receive from our users. If there is a pain point related to asset and stock tracking that hasn’t been covered by EZOfficeInventory, all you need to do is ask. Our support team is always available to help you get the most out of the product.

EZOfficeInventory is in use by a number of businesses in the service industry and has received positive reviews by all. Below are comments from Dagan Bonvillian, CEO at Bonvillian Service Center:

 “I started in our repair company as a teenager. One of my monthly tasks on the weekends was to check all the inventory of all the trucks. Since then I have tried EVERYTHING to find a system that would work. I came across EZOfficeInventory and it’s saved us well over what I expected. We are able to see what inventory is in every truck, and in the warehouse. We also use many different devices (iPads, laptops, desktops, smartphones ) and all of them sync with EZOfficeInventory. Being in a large city with NO high end appliance parts dealers, we have to keep some inventory.  EZOfficeInventory has allowed us to have an inventory, see where it is and tells us when we need to order more. No more ordering parts that someone in our company has on their truck!  The best thing about it was the setup. The staff at EZOfficeInventory helped me through the entire process. High end appliance repair requires high end service, this new system puts us even further in front of the competition! Thanks EZOfficeInventory for customizing a system that actually works. Great product!

For more information on EZOfficeInventory, contact Ali Syed, syed.ali@ezofficeinventory.com

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