UASA Regional Service Training Institute: Whirlpool Duet Alpha Platform Steam Dryer & Washer

By Samurai Appliance Repair Man,

Just got back from an excellent UASA regional training session (RSTI) in Boston, MA. If you’re not taking advantage of the RSTI near you, you might as well give yourself a lobotomy. Whirlpool Corporation was one of the manufacturers participating in the training conference. Dave Shertzer, from Whirlpool Corporation, was the instructor and presented a first-class training session on the new Whirlpool Alpha platform steam dryers and front-load washers. If you can’t make it to the RSTI near you, you can download my personal training notes from Dave’s session in Boston. You’ll need this password to open the file once you’ve downloaded it: RSTI14 (case sensitive). Come with me now on a journey of Total Appliance Enlightenment™…

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