Recently, I spoke with Nick Salvatoriello

Recently, I spoke with Nick Salvatoriello, a Principal Inbound Professor at HubSpot Academy regarding some of the marketing challenges facing service companies today. I asked Nick how important a mobile responsive website is. Here is what he had to say.

Nick – To answer this question, business owners who offer products and services for the home such as appliance repair must study the behavior of their ideal buyer persona. Where are these buyers when they are thinking about, or talking about appliance repair? Are they at the mall? Are they in an appliance retailer? Are they in a coffee shop talking with a friend about their homes and what projects they are working on? Certainly those are settings would lend themselves well to that person reaching into their pocket and pulling out a smart phone and doing a quick search.

Smartphones allow consumers to access data and search for local services in the moment, as they think of it. Even if you imagine your buyer persona standing in the basement of their home, staring at their broken washing machine, they may very well have their smart phone on them (as I often do) and will do a mobile search and browse while the issue is top of mind rather than running upstairs to a computer. As early as 2012 we were reporting that 1/2 of all local searches are performed from a mobile device. It would be wise to assume that the upward trend in mobile searches will impact the behavior of consumers who are searching for products and services for their home – whether they are at home or not, their mobile devices are often so helpful they are kept handy.

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