March 21, 2015

Hiring Veterans is Smart Business

Non-profit Vet2Tech helps companies recruit veterans as technicians and more The United Servicers Association is helping spread the word about Vet2Tech, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping veterans connect with career opportunities as residential appliance repair technicians all across the country. Vet2Tech was a trade show participant at the annual conference in New Orleans in …

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Rule #1 To Build A Team Of “A” Players: Be an “A” Owner!

By Daniel Beaulé, Service 2000 Électroménager “A” players, a term coined by Brad Smart, the creator of Topgrading[1], are high performers who strive to achieve excellence and have a great attitude. Shouldn’t we all hire “A” players? As a Gazelles Coach, I systematically ask owners and groups of executives if they’d enthusiastically rehire all of their people. Some facts: …

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Anatomy of a Warm Refrigerator Service Call

By Samurai Appliance Repair Man, The patient: a Samsung Dual Evaporator Bottom-mount Fridge with a warm fresh-food compartment. Follow Samurai Appliance Repair Man as he demonstrates some classic principles for troubleshooting a warm fridge: pre-diagnosis, control diagnostics, observations and analysis. Get valuable bonus tips on working on these popular Samsung refrigerators, including the common …

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