Three Values of GPS Fleet Tracking to the Appliance Repair Business

By Drew Sheahan, Virtual Fleet Supervisor

Whether it is a refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, laundry machine or some other appliance-the utilization of this item has gone from a luxury to a necessity. These appliances keep the household running smoothly, so when something goes wrong and an appliance needs to be repaired, it is an emergency. Time is of the essence. That’s where GPS fleet tracking comes in. Read about three unique values of fleet tracking and how it applies to the appliance repair business below:

  • What Time Can Someone Be There?

Do you know exactly where your drivers are right now? How long have they been on that job? With GPS fleet tracking you have all of these answers at your fingertips. With this information you can accurately forecast to the customer when a repairman can be there. Being able to accurately predict the time a repairman will arrive helps build a positive experience for the customer.

  • Save Fuel By Providing Direct Routes To Drivers

Great GPS fleet tracking providers offer the ability to send dispatch communications through their application. This dispatch will tell the most direct and efficient route to the customer’s location. When your drivers are taking the most efficient route possible, you are saving money on fuel. This not only cuts down on fuel costs but has the secondary benefit of reducing maintenance costs from less total time on the road. If your person knows directly how to get somewhere they are not wasting fuel or time. What if this saved time means one more job per day per driver? How does that effect your business?

  • Competitive Advantage In Sales & Marketing

Appliance repair businesses are in competition with each other for every single customer. Why would someone use and recommend you over the competition? Being able to tell clients that you use GPS fleet tracking to effectively manage your fleet shows the potential customer that you are tech savvy and that you understand when they say something is “an emergency”. Long gone are the days where a customer will be okay with hearing “We will be there between 8-5”. In today’s hustle and bustle environment time is the most important asset. Being able to near pinpoint when someone will be at a job adds incredible value from a sales perspective. It shows the customer you care and gives you piece of mind in knowing that your drivers are doing what they are supposed to be doing at any given time.

With accurate time prediction providing enhanced customer experience, money savings from fuel and maintenance reduction and a competitive edge in sales GPS fleet tracking can have a huge impact on your appliance repair business’s bottom line.

To learn about these and other ways GPS fleet tracking can benefit your business talk to the GPS fleet tracking experts at Virtual Fleet Supervisor at 1-800-746-5170 today.

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