Choosing the Right GPS Solution

By Fleetmatics,

While there may seem to be hundreds of choices when deciding which GPS tracking software to install on your fleet, the fact is that very few offer the right combination of the features you need to achieve the maximum benefits of a GPS system. These features include: usability, technology development and financial stability. There are two main things business owners and fleet managers should look for when choosing GPS tracking: the quality of the system and the quality of the provider.

If a prospective GPS provider can answer “Yes” to all of the below questions about their system and about their company, you can be assured you’re making a sound business decision.

Top 12 GPS System Checklist

  1. Does the system provide you with easy-to-use active tracking with updates every 60 seconds?
  2. Does the system have a “dashboard” feature with the ability to customize?
  3. Does the system provide a wide variety of useful reports that can be automated or generated immediately?
  4. Does the mapping provide real time traffic information as well as construction/accident alerts?
  5. Does the fleet tracking system allow for historical reporting and trending starting from when you first used the system?
  6. Can the system be accessed from any Internet-enabled computer or mobile device (including a mobile app), 24/7?
  7. Will the GPS receiver be installed inconspicuously to prevent tampering?
  8. Are the maps accurate and up-to-date, and can you zoom down to street level?
  9. Can the system software be utilized by any number of users?
  10. Does the system include alerts for excessive speeding and idling, engine start-up and shut-downs and vehicle maintenance that can be sent immediately via email or mobile phone?
  11. Can you integrate the system with fuel cards?
  12. Can you integrate the system with Garmin?

Top 10 GPS Provider Checklist

  1. Can the provider boast a 99 percent or higher system up-time?
  2. Does the provider include free customer service and technical support from a highly trained and well-versed support team?
  3. Will hardware defects be repaired or replaced at no additional cost?
  4. Does the provider have a list of satisfied customers and testimonials?
  5. Does the provider focus solely on GPS tracking?
  6. Has the provider been in the GPS tracking industry for 5 or more years?
  7. Does the provider offer unlimited training on the system at no additional cost?
  8. Are all software and mapping upgrades automatic and offered at no additional charge?
  9. Does the provider follow an aggressive software development schedule?
  10. Is the GPS provider financially secure, and do they partner with industry leaders to further strengthen profitability?

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