NLA is No Longer Acceptable

CoreCentric Solutions would like to thank the United Servicers Association staff for all their hard work preparing for and during the 2016 ASTI in Miami and congratulate them on having the best attended event in the history of the ASTI.

It is always great getting together to renew old friendships and meet people that will be new friends for years to come.

The tradeshow on Monday and Tuesday was well attended and we had a lot of traffic at our booth.Core Centic

With CoreCentric Solutions being in the business of repairing controls that are NLA (No Longer Available), we hear lots of comments from our customers where they believe electronic controls go NLA faster now because the manufacturers are just trying to sell more appliances.  That was one of the topics we discussed in our class at the ASTI in the hope to dispel that myth.

Here are few reasons why electronic controls go NLA faster than in years past:

Products are a lot more complicated than the used to be.

That 40 year old refrigerator that we all used to have and seemed to last forever only had a compressor, overload and relay, and a thermostat. A lot of them didn’t even have a light in them.

  • The government requirements to constantly improve the efficiencies of the products.
    • Which by the way has made a big difference. A 22 cu. ft. refrigerator “today” running 365 days per year uses less energy than leaving a 40 watt light bulb on for the same period of time.
  • The technology in electronic controls is moving so fast that the manufacturers of those parts are constantly changing their product lines to build new components and are no longer making the old ones.
    • This forces the appliance manufacturers to make lifetime buys on these older controls and try to predict what the life of the product will be and the service that might be needed on that product during that time period.
  • Probably the biggest reason the manufacturers have trouble predicting how many controls to purchase when they make their “lifetime buy” has been the consumer’s appetite for new technology.
    • With new homes being built with main floor laundry and open kitchen designs, appliances are no longer hidden away in the basement or in a kitchen that was “just that room behind the door”. Not too many consumers would be happy with 20 year old appliances sitting in their new open design kitchen.

That being said; Consumers still want their products to last longer than 7 or 8 years, so when you run into an appliance with an electronic control that is NLA, make sure you are giving your customer the option of having it repaired. Remember, they called for service to fix their appliance not to hear “I can’t fix it”.

Just collecting trip charges don’t pay the bills and it doesn’t create loyal customers.

If you haven’t already, make sure you contact me to get signed up for our Independent Service Providers website.


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