CoreCentric Solutions Helpful Hints

CoreCentric Solutions would like to thank everyone who came to our presentation and stopped by our booth at this year’s ASTI Convention.


It was great seeing old friends and even better meeting new ones.


If you stopped by and talked to us, we probably told you about some new features we are introducing this year.


Which makes it even more important to get signed up to our wholesale website  You need to use this site to get the great pricing on this new feature.

The 1st one that we have up and running is our new “Paired Boards” Return for Repair feature.

This day and age with multiple controls in the appliances it is not easy to always diagnose the board that is causing the root problem for the appliance.

 So we have a new feature on our website to help you know when it is best to send in multiple controls for service.

 These parts that are listed are parts that we see a lot of companies needing go back out to pull an additional board because both controls had issues.

 You will see our “Frequently Bought Together” page when you search on either control. We encourage you to check this site out while the technician is in the home, so they can make the determination on whether they need to send in both boards, while they are still in the home. Our goal in doing this is to help you get it fixed right the first time and give you a discount when two boards are suggested for the repair.

 We have several controls already listed on the site that we suggest that they are sent in for service in pairs and we will be adding more in the future.

 The below example is of a control where we receive a lot of the Display Board, but we do not get a lot of the Power Relay Board. 

Now, we have created a way for you to only pay $175 for the 2 controls, and to get your customer up and running quicker.




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