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Cabrio washer bearing replacement with a seized/frozen inner basket.

A customer may call stating that their washer is making a lot of abnormal sounds in the spin cycle. You as the technician arrive at the home and find the tub bearing to have failed causing the abnormal loud sounds in spin.

The customer is quoted for the repair and agrees to have their unit fixed. After returning from the truck with parts, tools, and floor protection, the technician finds that the inner basket is seized/frozen to the drive shaft. By following the tips listed below, you should have no problem repairing the unit to get it to perform back to normal factory operation.

Take your time and remove the wash plate and tub ring first, you’ll then want to secure the lid using a bungee cord or painters tape. The next step will be to lay down plenty of floor protection and then place the unit on top of the protected floor. Remove the rotor and stator assembly to access the drive shaft nut. Once the nut is exposed you can use the blue lock nut plate from the Fred’s Appliance bearing removal/install kit and a pair of channellock pliers (video can be found in the product description).

Once the nut is removed you’ll want to use a mini sledge hammer to remove the drive shaft and basket assembly as one piece using the mini sledge on the bottom of the drive shaft to remove the shaft out of the bearings. Once the basket and shaft are free, you will then want to hit the top of the shaft with the sledge hammer now freeing the shaft from the basket. After all the old parts are removed from the unit, you will want to thoroughly clean the basket in the area it slides down over the shaft with scotch brite pads removing all debris.

Now that all the hard work is done, follow the video in the link above to reassemble the unit following each step carefully and test the unit with a load of 6 towels in a rinse and spin cycle looking for abnormal sounds and any possible leaks.This type of call may take some time out of your day and put you behind but it’s a good money maker especially if you stock the parts and tools in the truck.

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