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UASA Offers New Benefits to Members

Originally Published in Retail Observer.

By Mike Brudelie
Owner of Appliance Works, LLC in Mankato, MN
Member of UASA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors and staff of United Appliance Servicers Association (UASA) have been working hard to identify the needs of the members and develop new ways to make their professional lives easier.

Our latest added benefits include:

Healthcare program. UASA’s Healthcare Benefits Program, in partnership with the Small Association Leadership Alliance (SALA), is a proven insurance alternative that members can consider for their healthcare. The program has several components to choose from to customize healthcare coverage. When the components are brought together, the result is a comprehensive and affordable healthcare option.

Savings4Members. UASA’s new partnership with Savings4Members gives our members the opportunity to save on everyday operational costs such as payroll, fuel, office supplies, shipping and everything in between. In addition, it’s simple! Just access the S4M website through the UASA website, and a S4M team member will discuss and assess your business and activate the savings that are best for your bottom line. Then, add it up – the average business saves up to $14,000 per year!

Reputation Management Software. If you’re struggling to maintain a solid online reputation, this is for you. We’ve worked with industry leaders to develop the easiest way to request, post and share online reviews across multiple platforms including Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. Literally all your tech or CSR has to do is enter a customer’s name and their phone number or email address and they’ll receive a review request that they can click on to go where they need to be. It’s highly customizable, too. You can customize the message to your customer, and you can even automatically share good reviews to your Facebook page without lifting a finger.

Peer Groups. Another long-term benefit for UASA members that has recently seen high demand is the formation of Peer Groups. A Peer Group is a group of like-minded business owners in noncompeting areas who meet regularly to discuss issues they are seeing in their own businesses, and work together to come up with solutions. These are smaller groups of 8-15 business owners
that really get to know each other so they become extremely comfortable sharing information that they otherwise wouldn’t share, resulting in solid long-term relationships. We’ve seen groups accomplish what they intended in a few years, and we’ve seen groups grow and shift and re-form over many years. It is a truly great opportunity.

Business Insurance. UASA has partnered with two separate insurance agencies to offer our members competitive insurance rates. Clay & Land have been a UASA partner for years, and now we’ve recently added Brown & Brown. Both offer a full line of policies and both have experience with the Appliance Service Industry and the coverages our businesses need. We regularly hear that our members are saving thousands of dollars a year on the same or better coverage than they had somewhere else. Simply fill out the form on the UASA website and they will contact you to offer you quotes for your specific business.

Quickbooks discount. UASA has partnered with Quickbooks to offer our members discounts on their Quickbooks Online platform as well as Quickbooks Payroll. Members save up to 50% off
Quickbooks Online subscriptions and 40% off Quickbooks Payroll. The advantages of Quickbooks Online include being able to work from anywhere, less data entry, automatic updates and 1-click reporting. The advantages of Quickbooks Payroll include Easy W-2s, automatic tax calculations, free support and free direct deposit.

Webinars. UASA is working with a variety of vendors and trainers to provide online training through webinars. Some recent webinar topics include Technician Recruitment, Reputation management, Airsled, A Path to Leadership Success, Crisis Management, Appliance Service Strategy, and Focusing on the Future, along with many others. Subscribe to our emails to be notified about upcoming webinars, or log in to your UASA account to view past webinars.

UASA continues to offer discounts to the Annual Service Training Institute (ASTI), a Cost of Doing Business calculator and many other benefits. To learn more, check out our website at or call (800) 683-2558.

See original publication on Retail Observer.

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