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A Day in the Life: There’s Something in the Attic

Submitted By Corrine Caruso
Solar Appliance & Refrigeration

We all know crazy stuff happens. One time years ago, we even had a technician living in the attic of our building. We had no idea he was up there.

When we discovered it, he’d already been camping out there for a month. It probably would have gone on much longer before we figured it out, however the CSR’s began to complain that they noticed whiskers in the sink every morning.

Now granted, we did not have a shower or tub in that building. We just had a half bathroom with a sink. Who knows what else he was washing in the sink. It probably wasn’t just his face.  We filled the office coffee pot up in that sink!

When we approached him to tell him he could no longer live at the office, he quit. He went up in the attic, took his sleeping bag and TV, and left. And then he filed for unemployment.

We appealed his unemployment claim. It then went to an appeal hearing. You guessed it. His defense was the reason he had to quit was because we would not let him sleep at the office. Just so you know we won that appeal.

No one ever warns you that there’ll be days like this when you own a business!


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