crazy appliance repair story

A Day in the Life: Freezer Repair or Hitchcock Film?

Submitted By: David Oliva
RD Appliance Service, Corp.

Years ago we used to service a pretty rundown building for a slum lord. Most of the people that lived there were nice and normal. There was this one lady though. 

Her freezer wasn’t defrosting and it had obviously been like that for a long time because there was about 4 inches of frost outside the evaporator cover. So I got out a flat screwdriver to pry some of the larger chunks off and get to the screws.

Before I could do anything she grabbed a large knife and starting yelling at me not to stick the screwdriver in the freezer. She raised it like she was gonna stab me but then started hacking at the ice in the freezer while loudly mumbling about me damaging her fridge with a screwdriver. 

So I grabbed my stuff and left and let the landlord know we wouldn’t be servicing that apartment anymore. That was a fun day.

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