A Day in the Life: Let Me Speak to the Owner

Submitted By Billy Ferguson
BT Services

I had a customer that was just a very bitter person. She griped the whole time on the phone setting up the service call. When I got to her house, she was still just complaining and moaning about everything.

I completed the call, presented the bill, and she still just went on and on complaining and moaning. I never really said much, just did my job. It was getting old listening to it.

As I was walking out the door, she just kind of went nuts, screaming and hollering about everything — appliance breaking, me working on it, cost of the bill. Finally, she asked who my boss was. (Might I interject that I am a one man show!)

I told her that Billy was the owner and gave her a phone number and left. Ten minutes later my phone rings. I answer with, “BT Services this is Billy. How can I help?”

Dead silence for about two minutes. Then I get told what a smartass I was. I quietly explained that she never asked who I was when I was at her house. She hung up.


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