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Member Spotlight: Twin Appliances Inc.

Q&A with Anthony Cotto, President, Twin Appliances Inc.

los angeles appliance repair company
twin appliances inc

Tell us about your company.
We are Twin Appliance Inc. based in the City of Los Angeles CA

How did you get into the industry?
I’m a second-generation owner, my mother was introduced to the industry by a family member that dedicated themselves to sales. She saw potential in the trade and noticed how every home has a stove and refrigerator and everybody wants a washer and dryer. So she began to invest in appliances and would eventually kill the market in sales. I would help her out in the summer with repairs around the shop and deliveries but never took the trade seriously until I got married in 2012. I felt that I needed a career and not a job. I would work all kinds of positions as a laborer and would never find something solid. I would see the success that the family business would bring and decided to take on the trade.

Do you do sales and service?
Yes, we do both.

When did you start your company?
Established in 1995.

What differentiates you from your competition?
We are about building relationships with our customers and we stand behind our services.

How many techs do you have?
3 shop techs and 2 field techs

What are your long term business goals?
At the moment we only run 2 vans and I plan to get up to 6 vans out on the field.

What is your favorite part about the Appliance Business?
I love what I do. Running calls and dealing with customers. I get a sensation in getting their broken-down appliances up and running again.

What do you do for fun when you aren’t running your company?
When I’m not running my company, I’m traveling. I love to travel. I can’t wait for this pandemic to be over so I can return to my yearly vacation trips.

uasa member twin appliances
most professional servicer winner

How long have you been a UASA member?
Since 2016.

How did you first hear about UASA?
I was attending a trade school in Los Angeles and the instructor mentioned an event that was going to be hosted in Miami by the United Appliance Servicers Association and how it was a great opportunity for growth and networking. The event was only 3 weeks away but I got so pumped up that I bought my registration, airfare, and hotel reservation that same night.

How has the association benefitted you?
The association has benefitted our company in so many ways. From business and technical training to manufacturer support. Networking with other business owners has to be one of the main keys.

Is there an experience or takeaway that you can share from one of the ASTI conventions you’ve attended in the past?
Just connecting with friends and other business owners and hanging out.

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