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Member Spotlight: Lane’s Appliance Repair

Q&A with Jeremy Davis, Owner, Lane’s Appliance Repair

Tell us about your company.
We are Lane’s Appliance Repair out of Lansing, Michigan.

How did you get into the industry?
I got started in the industry in 2008 when I started working with my father-in-law who started the company. Prior to that, I worked at a countertop shop where I managed the laminate division. During the recession, there were a lot of changes and cuts being made at the company and that is when I decided to start exploring other options.

Do you do sales and service?
Right now, we only offer service although we are exploring options of opening a new store to start doing sales as well.

When did you start your company?
My father-in-law, whose name is Lane, started the company in 1980. I teamed up with him in 2008 and in 2012 he retired, and I bought him out.

What differentiates you from your competition?
I think the biggest thing that differentiates us from your competition is our expectations of ourselves. We set a high standard for how we conduct business. We are constantly reevaluating our processes to make the total customer experience as convenient and stress-free as possible. communicating with our customers is a top priority.

We are very transparent about our process and our pricing. We take the time to let the customer know exactly what to expect from start to finish before we even send a technician to their home.

How many techs do you have?
I currently have 6 full-time Technicians.

What do you do for fun when you aren’t running your company?
Most of my time is spent at home with my family, that is truly what I enjoy the most. I have a wonderful wife who is incredibly supportive. She allows me to vent when I am having difficulties at work and she helps me to make the tough business decisions even though she has a career of her own.

I have 4 children ages 23, 19, 10, and 3, the younger two are the only ones still at home. I enjoy the outdoors, Camping, biking, grilling, and disc golf, when the Michigan weather permits. I also like doing home projects and remodeling as crazy as that may sound.  

lane's appliance repairman
lane's mps winner

How long have you been a UASA member?
I have been a UASA member since 2012

How did you first hear about UASA?
I first heard about UASA because my father-in-law sent me to my first convention shortly after I started. The first convention I attended was in Orlando. I believe that was in 2009 or 2010

How has the association benefitted you?
When I attended my first ASTI convention, I thought that a lot of the businesses there were on a whole different level, a level that was reserved only for the elite companies. I figured that you must have to have a business degree and have some kind of special knowledge about running a business that I would never be able to obtain. Boy was I wrong. After meeting other business owners and getting to hear their stories I discovered that these people are just like me and that they are either in the same boat as me or they were once in the same boat and they just figured out how to get into a bigger and nicer boat.

The amount of knowledge that I have acquired from this organization is beyond what I could have ever learned on my own. To be able to learn and network with people that are in the same industry and are facing the same challenges is priceless. I get to learn from industry leaders who at one time or another have been in my shoes and can help me to avoid some of the pitfalls that they may have fallen prey to. I can get advice on how to enter what sometimes feels like uncharted waters while growing my business. I also love the fact that in return I can give back to the group and share my knowledge with other members who are trying to solve some of the same problems that I once faced.

Another great thing that has come from being a UASA member is that I have been in a Peer Group for the last few years with other UASA members. having a peer group of other business owners feels like having a board of advisors that can help with strategizing, they will give their advice and opinion when I need to make tough decisions and they will hold me accountable to my goals. These guys are like a 2nd family to me and that has been amazing.

Is there an experience or takeaway that you can share from one of the ASTI conventions you’ve attended in the past?
I would say one of the highlights from an ASTI convention was last year at the 2020 convention. My company won 1st place in the Most Professional Servicer contest for the 3-7 tech category. This is a great feeling and a reassurance that I am doing things right in my business and that other UASA members are giving their approval of what I am doing by casting their votes. It was great being able to communicate back home with updates and finally the news that we won!!

The other two companies in the running that year are great companies ran by amazing people. Realistically either one of us could have got that award and it would have been more than deserving but I feel honored to have been selected.

I think aside from that the biggest takeaway is the friendships that I have gained.

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