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A Day in the Life: 4 Hilarious Stories from the field.

Never smash a rat with a wrench…

I went to a call about a leaking dishwasher and found a chewed drain hose. I repaired the hose and went on my way.

Just two days later I was called back and found another chew in the drain hose! As I was working, a rat came out from under the cabinet. 😱 My reflexes kicked in and I smashed the rat with a wrench. 

Come to find out, it was the daughter’s pet that had gotten loose.

$20,000 Dryer Lint…

I was on a repair call and had to remove a dryer drum. As I worked, the customer was hovering over my shoulder. 

When I pulled off the front cover and removed the drum, I noticed that the dryer hadn’t been cleaned in years, so I cracked a playful joke: “I get to keep what I find!” 

We both laughed and she said, “Sure! You can keep it.”

To my surprise, I found a sizable loot! 3.5 ct diamond ring 💎, $75 in cash & just under $4 in change 💵, 10 rubbers, and panties & socks. 

Guess what I kept out of the $20K haul: LINT!

The expensive lessons…

UASA: What’s the most embarrassing mistake you’ve ever made during a service call?

UASA Member: I kneeled on a glass range top to work on the OTR microwave and shattered the whole top! Felt like a fat a$$ and couldn’t believe I did something so stupid. I will never do that again!

I love you! Bye…

I had a customer panicking about having a board replaced on her oven. The board was scheduled to arrive the next day, but it was at Marcone in New Jersey and I am in Massachusetts. 

I was trying to work things out with Marcone to get it for her as quickly as possible. We were on the phone for so long that I think she forgot who she was talking to because when we hung up she said, “I love you. Bye” 💋

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