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Member Spotlight: Sloan Appliance Service

Q&A with Fred Holbrook, President, Sloan Appliance Service

Tell us about your company.
Sloan Appliance Service in Cayce (Columbia), SC.  We also have satellite offices in Aiken (Augusta, GA)  and Charleston, SC.  Company was formed in 1958 by Mr. Leo Sloan. Radenbaugh family purchased in early 1980’s and I purchased in 2010.

How did you get into the industry?
I bought Sloan in 2010 after a long career in wire harness manufacturing for the appliance industry.  Supplied Whirlpool, Frigidaire, GE, etc.

Do you do sales and service?
Only service.

When did you start your company?
Purchased in 2010.

What differentiates you from your competition?
Sloan is a Whirlpool Preferred Servicer in all markets.  Sloan has over 60 Years of Experience.  Sloan services most makes and models of major home appliances. Sloan  services brands that many other companies don’t.  All Sloan technicians are factory certified/trained and have access to the latest information on your appliance. Most competitors  do not have access to this information.

How many techs do you have?

What are your long term business goals?
To become the Aiken (Augusta, GA) and Charleston sole preferred servicer.

What is your favorite part about the Appliance Business?
Helping customers.

What do you do for fun when you aren’t running your company?
Attempting to play golf, playing with 22 year old grandson.

appliance repair in columbia sc

How long have you been a UASA member?
Since 2010

How did you first hear about UASA?
Jeff Radenbaugh strongly suggested that I join UASA and attend ASTI. I attended first ASTI in 2011.  This was a game changer.

How has the association benefitted you?
The association has introduced me to so many things that I didn’t know existed (mobile technicians, GPS, Peer Groups, Google Adwords, etc.  The list is simply too long to list.

Is there an experience or takeaway that you can share from one of the ASTI conventions you’ve attended in the past?

This is an raw plug for my passion- Peer Groups.  My initial experience with USA Peer Groups was at my first ASTI in 2011.  It is unmistakably THE best thing I have taken away from USA and one of the best things I have done to improve my business.  The core members of this Peer Group have been together now for over seven years and the level of trust between us is extremely high. 

We have visited and reviewed each other’s businesses at least once over the years.  The method a Peer Group member accomplishes a task may not fit exactly in my business.  However, viewing my Peer Group member’s process has sparked many great ideas on how to improve my business processes.   It is impossible to measure the positive impact gained from just observing how another company achieves simple tasks. 

I use my Peer Group as a “quasi” Board of Directors for my business.  Many times, I have encountered an issue for the first time and need advice or for someone just to listen.  Almost always, someone in my Peer Group has encountered the issue I am experiencing and offers sound advice on how to handle the situation.

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