Member Spotlight: Appliance Works, LLC

Q&A with Mike Brudelie, Owner, Appliance Works, LLC

Tell us about your company.
Appliance Works, LLC based out of Mankato, MN. We cover most of South Central and South Eastern Minnesota.

How did you get into the industry?
I worked at a hardware store through high school and college where part of my job was delivering appliances. Toward the end I got into repairing some used appliances to resell. After graduating college, I took a “temporary” job as an appliance tech while I found a job in my field. Never found a job in my field and learned to like being a technician.

Do you do sales and service?
No, service only.

When did you start your company?
January 20, 2009.

What differentiates you from your competition?
We answer the phone and return phone calls. We use resources available to provide an accurate diagnosis and quote up front. We also provide a 1-year parts and labor guarantee.

How many techs do you have?
Two, including myself.

What are your long term business goals?
I want to grow my business to have several rock star technicians, adequate office staff, and expand to cover a larger territory.

What is your favorite part about the Appliance Business?
I like the hands-on work, the variety of work, and I enjoy helping people.

What do you do for fun when you aren’t running your company?
I enjoy spending summer weekends camping with my family, playing outside with my kids

How long have you been a UASA member?
Member since 2012 I believe. On the Board since 2015.

How did you first hear about UASA?
I received a flyer from my parts distributor about ASTI. I could not afford to attend ASTI, but later learned about the RSTI program and saved up to attend an RSTI and was hooked ever since.

How has the association benefitted you?
How has it not? I was a technician who started a business knowing nothing about business. I learned so much about business.

Is there an experience or takeaway that you can share from one of the ASTI conventions you’ve attended in the past?
I remember my first ASTI, it was my first time ever attending a large convention. I remember many people coming up to me and asking where I am from and we’d start talking. I eventually realized that they owned multi-tech businesses and they offered for me to reach out to them with any questions or troubles I may be running into.

I also remember my flight home and trying to go through my extensive list of things I wanted to do and try to figure out when and how I was going to implement them.  

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