Lifetime Achievement Award

UASA Honors Glade Ross with the 2024 Lifetime Achievement Award

Written By: Dean Landers, Landers Appliance

The United Appliance Service Association’s Board of Directors has voted Glade Ross as this year’s Lifetime Achievement Recipient.

Glade was born in Salt Lake City as the fourth of six children and moved with his family to Bellevue, WA when he was still a baby. In Bellevue his dad started an appliance repair business that morphed into a dealership selling and servicing appliances, TVs, stereos, and furniture. Glade started working in the business at age 13, doing deliveries and installations alongside his brothers.

Following a two-year Mormon mission, Glade began his studies at BYU. To fund his education, he began his own highly successful appliance service business while attending university and law school full-time!

After graduating from law school, Glade practiced antitrust litigation in downtown Los Angeles, having left the Provo business to his younger brother. Glade loved the antitrust work, but it consumed too much of his life, so he did what all successful lawyers do, he quit the law firm, and started an appliance repair business, in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

The new company grew rapidly. One of his technicians, Vic, introduced Glade to one of their service customers, Ms. Hunt, believing she would be a good match. Vic claimed he didn’t have the part to fix Ms. Hunt’s refrigerator, which forced Glade to return with the part to complete the repair. Vic’s instincts were borne out when six months later Ms. Laura Hunt became Mrs. Laura Ross.

The couple were married on a sailboat anchored in the cove of a small island in the Caribbean. They now have three adult children, Mallorey, Alex, and Jason.

Always eager to find ways to run his business more efficiently, Glade began creating software. The new software worked so well that his single office employee, Brenda, was able to answer phones, dispatch six techs, and manage all the back-end work including accounting, parts management, and re-scheduling and more. In fact, the software worked so well that he was often able to work partial days and spend time with his growing family.

Because the software system had proved so effective in his service business, Glade thought he could make money selling the systems to other service companies, and so Rossware Computing was born. Rossware’s success allowed Glade to sell his service business after a few years. He enjoyed the creative challenges of creating improved systems, but soon found himself working 80 hours/ week, compared to the 25-30 hours he’d averaged running the service business.

Though Glade often felt overwhelmed trying to meet the needs of a growing client base, he persevered, adding wonderful co-workers like Josh Smith, Karie Spaet (now Sevigny), Matt Parker, Aaron Pinero, Kenton Mattos, and Stephen Abrahamson who all made unique contributions to the product. The quality staff finally allowed Glade to reduce his hours.

Glade is grateful to the clients who communicated their needs and ideas to the team, which he credits with improving 50% or more of the current Rossware systems. Many industry partners also worked with Glade and the Rossware team to eliminate manual data entry and integrate automation between independent servicers, manufacturers, and TPAs.

Since he officially retired in September 2023, Glade and Laura are enjoying their four-year-old granddaughter Blair, who is a great joy and delight! Retirement has allowed him to pursue his other passions which include golf, snow skiing, and sailing. Some years ago Glade finally fulfilled a lifelong ambition to become a pilot. This March, he took delivery of an extraordinary Italian-built aircraft in which he hopes to set a few records. We hope Glade enjoys his well deserved retirement!

“Congratulations, Glade, on receiving this well-deserved award. As I have said to you in the past, I believe your contribution to the appliance service industry is second to no other person in elevating an appliance service company’s ability to use technology to provide the highest level of customer service experience.

I consider you a trusted mentor who always gave confidential, thoughtful, helpful advice when I struggled with manufacturer and parts distributors’ demands. I credit you and ServiceDesk with a good percentage of our company’s success, and I sincerely thank you for being a significant contributor to our industry and “one brilliant and amazing guy who I am pleased to be able to call a friend”! Best wishes to you and your family as you step into the next chapter of your life.”

Tom Hankins, Glade’s Friend for Life!
Best Service Company
Denver, Colorado

“Glade is a remarkable family man, friend, and industry icon, yet his golfing skills and ability to explain things in simple terms leave much to be desired. I credit Glade for much of my success, because he encouraged me to join USA years ago, clearly knowing I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I’m proud to consider Glade a friend and I’m looking forward to our next IPA and hamburger flight adventure.”

Jeff Guinn
Founder and CEO of Guinco Service

“Glade has been an unwavering supporter of independent Servicers and specifically UASA from the very beginning. He has created a fantastic software management system that is the dominant leader in our industry, making life easier and profitable for service companies. He is humble in spirit and a friend to all! Congrats!”

James C Dolbeare
Sr. President/CEO
AAA Appliance Service Center

“Glade has been perhaps the primary driver who has helped move our industry forward through the development of software programs to enhance and modernize the business capabilities of appliance service professionals. Rossware is one of the preeminent business software solutions in the appliance service industry.

Rossware has always been a highly visible partner to the appliance trade associations, supplying training and support at all our events. Everyone at PSA congratulates Glade for the Lifetime Achievement Award presented by UASA. We join the entire appliance service industry in thanking you for all your support, wishing you the best moving forward!”

Randy Carney
Executive Director, PSA

“To the only guy I’ve golfed with in jeans and a burgundy long sleeve button-down Rossware Shirt – 1041 wishes you the best of luck on your retirement!”
Tim Koyonen
Twin Cities Appliance

“When my company finally made the switch to Rossware in 2010, there was only one complaint from my implementation staff: What does Glade mean when he says … (fill in the blank). I would have to interpret through your humor and wittiness and give them the simplified, common-person understanding of what you were saying. Having read and enjoyed your creativity in your advertisements in Appliance Service News for many years, I felt like I had become a Glade interpreter! What a ride it’s been. Thank you for your genius in creating Service Desk.”

Dean Landers
President, Landers Appliance

Finally, on behalf of the United Appliance Servicers Association’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors, It is my distinct honor to present the 2024 LifeTime Achievement Award to Mr. Glade Ross.

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