Get valuable time back.

Focus on what you care about most. Aflac Small-Business Solutions help ease benefits, time and cost burdens.

Aflac’s small-business benefits solutions offer a simple, customizable way to check one more item off your to-do list. Meaning your employees receive the benefits options they deserve, and you have more time to focus on what you love most about your business.

Benefits are good for business

*75% of employers say their companies' benefits enable them to reduce employee turnover and help increase worker productivity.

Benefits options extend far beyond basic goodwill of any employer.
Besides taking care of your valuable employees in case of an emergency, benefits offerings can also help boost the value of your business.

*See brochure for details.

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Aflac Small-Business Solutions include:

Confidence in making the right decisions.

Get the power and knowledge of our benefits advisors today. Planning for benefits can seem like an overwhelming decision. Our solution helps ease the decision-making process with  comparison tools and access to expert advisors. This means you can confidently arrive at customized, cost-effective benefits packages for your business—regardless of how large, small or diverse your workforce is.

Empowerment to provide a high-quality, comprehensive and affordable offering.

Through our expansion of partner products and services,  access straightforward benefits options, business services and competitive value-adds. With an impressive roster of coverage options and business services, small businesses are able to simplify benefits administration without sacrificing affordability or the range of available options.

Convenience of a one-stop shop and administration engine, without fees.

Maintain a range of benefits on a single platform. The top objective of employers’ benefits programs is to care for  employees by offering the widest range of benefits options.² Our solution makes administration and enrollment easy to implement and maintain. And, reporting is automated—reducing your administrative time and increasing accuracy.

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