ASTI 2024: Stack the Odds in Your Favor

Written By: Sarah Brown, United Appliance Servicers AssociationArticle originally published in The Retail Observer Wow, what an event! The United Appliance Servicers Association hosted the 2024 ...
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Lifetime Achievement Award
Member SpotlightNews about UASA

UASA Honors Glade Ross with the 2024 Lifetime Achievement Award

Written By: Dean Landers, Landers Appliance The United Appliance Service Association’s Board of Directors has voted Glade Ross as this year’s Lifetime Achievement Recipient. Glade ...
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how to respond to negative reviews
Customer Service

Navigating the Storm: How to Respond to Negative Online Reviews 

Written By: Fred Holbrook, UASA Treasurer In the age of digital connectivity, online reviews wield significant influence over consumer decisions. For businesses in the in-home ...
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shrinking for growth
Appliance RepairService Management

Shrinking for Growth

Written By: David Oliva, RD Appliance Service, Corp. Growth means expansion. Growth means hiring new employees and purchasing more equipment. Growth means more revenue and, ...
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most professional servicer 2024
ASTIMost Professional ServicerNews about UASA

Unleash Your Professional Excellence: The United Appliance Servicers Association Most Professional Servicer Contest

Written By: Dave Smith, Dave Smith Appliance Services As the calendar flips to a new year, the United Appliance Servicers Association (UASA) is thrilled to present ...
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repair vs. replacement
Appliance RepairCustomer Service

Tipping the Scales: The Cost of Repair Vs. Replacement

Written By: Darin Williams, Reliable Appliance In the fast-paced world we live in today, home appliances play a significant role in simplifying our daily tasks. ...
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merchant cost consulting featured image
Business Training

Merchant Cost Consulting

Host: Merchant Cost Consulting UASA’s new partner, Merchant Cost Consulting, reviews how you can ensure that your business isn’t overpaying for service fees. Learn More
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tripping gfci
Appliance RepairTechnical Help

Nuisance Tripping of GFCI’s and ARC Faults – Progress or Politics?

Written By: Dave Smith, Dave Smith Appliance Services An appliance technician is dispatched to a service call with the appliance tripping the ground fault. The ...
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Business TrainingThe Laundry Room

The Laundry Room

Host: Heather Yoder, Dyer Appliance Repair Academy Listen in on our most recent Laundry Room session. And don’t forget to register for the next session! ...
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appliance training
Appliance RepairNews about UASA

Investing In Our Future

Written By: Besor Fayas, Reliable Parts When I was a young teenager, some of my favorite classes were shop and woodworking.  I learned to work ...
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