We’re A Community

One of the mistakes we often make when thinking about business is seeing the other players in our industry only as competition.

While it is true that business is competitive, and at times we work against each other to win customers, it is also valuable to consider the industry as a community.

Communities are formed based on respect for the shared value of their members. Once any group of people have come together, they have an opportunity to collaborate on new ideas, share the experience of successful practices, and look to each other for creative solutions for problems. It’s the capacity for teamwork that gives us the ability to achieve greatness.

The United Appliance Servicers Association is committed to the idea that sharing knowledge strengthens our members and makes the appliance service industry stronger as a whole. We have two very important tactics for acting on that idea: Peer Groups, and the Appliance Service Training Institute (ASTI).

UASA Member Testimonials

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You’re a Part of it Too

The appliance service industry is a community full of small businesses that can benefit from greater communication and sharing. Every year we’re surprised and delighted to hear of the success our members find when they commit to being a part of our trade association, and realize that they’re stronger when they don’t stand alone.

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