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Airsled – Portable, Powerful, Possible

UASA and Airsled have teamed up to offer a very special offer to UASA members as part of Airsled’s NEW PRODUCT LAUNCHES scheduled for later in November. This offer lets you save 15% off your Airsled order of currently sold items and soon to be introduced new products.

Airsled is upgrading its entire product line of Appliance Movers to include a VARIABLE SPEED option. With variable speed control, you can regulate how fast and how much the air beams inflate. With this improved safety and performance feature, never worry about getting an appliance wedged in a tight space during a move due to limited overhead clearance from cabinetry or countertops.

Airsled is also introducing a new, Light Duty Appliance Mover rated to lift 450 lbs. This new system will be smaller, lighter, and significantly less expensive than the Standard and Heavy-Duty models. Though compact, the Light Duty model is powerful enough to move a large capacity, residential stacked washer/dryer and may be more appealing to appliance service technicians in markets where servicing heavier, luxury appliances is less common

Join Us on Friday, November 6, 2020 at 2:00 pm EST to hear the details of this offer.  This offer will be valid from Thursday, November 5th – Monday, November 9th.

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