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What’s Next After the Great Resignation

The past three years have been a never-ending cycle of change, disruption, and challenge for HR professionals and management teams. As we start a new year many of us are asking “what’s next for HR?” The reality is that the great resignation isn’t over as the internal and external drivers of such seismic shifts in the labor market remain. Recruiting teams have been consumed, essentially bailing water to backfill vacated roles and attempt to fill hiring plans for growth. While necessary, these efforts are insufficient to keep up with rapid changes in the workplace, and HR should expect that things will never return to what we once knew as “normal.”Organizations are faced with three persistent, complex challenges that will inhibit their ability to not only retain and attract talent, but also their ability to achieve organizational goals and execute strategy. These include:Providing an uncompelling employee experience, as many organizations have shifted to hybrid and remote workStakeholders (employees, managers, as well as customers and vendors) are suffering from collective burnout, isolation, and disengagementImplementing an employee engagement strategy that strengthens retention and avoids burnout.

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