merchant cost consulting

UASA members can save big on merchant service fees without changing credit card processing companies or software.

MCC is hired to negotiate, audit, and optimize the processing fees you incur each month without switching or changing your current processor or software system.

MCC is not a credit card processor or provider. They are an advocate to ensure members can negotiate the lowest cost with their existing vendor. They then audit your merchant statements to protect you against any rate increases, hidden fees, or billing errors.

merchant cost consulting

Get your free audit & analysis to find out how much merchant cost consulting can save you.

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Send Merchant Cost Consulting the last three to six statements from your processor. They will find any hidden fees or exorbitant rates, then estimate how much they can save you per month. If they don’t find savings, they’ll let you know. If they do, they can offer savings in three important categories.

Switching credit card processing companies can be one of the biggest mistakes businesses make when trying to lower credit card processing fees.

Without having to switch merchant service providers, banks or equipment, Merchant Cost Consulting may be able to reduce your merchant service costs incurred on a monthly basis.

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