Peer Groups

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*There is a $100 set-up fee for joining a peer group.

What is a Peer Group?

By Walt Dews

A peer group is a gathering of like-minded business people or entrepreneurs generally not in competing markets that gather periodically to help one another run their respective businesses. In these meetings, it is common for one member to turn to his peers for advice or opinion on a certain issue he might be experiencing in his business.

Peer groups will often collaborate on a group project such as a marketing campaign and then share in the cost of such development. Peer groups generally meet on neutral ground on a regularly scheduled basis.

What a Peer Group is Not

How Does a Peer Group Operate?

An appliance repair peer group is formed when a group of United Appliance Servicers Association members decide that they have a common vision for their businesses. This may include businesses seeking growth, small operations looking to keep busy, or larger companies trying to get a handle on operations.

Common Factors for Establishing a Peer Group


A Very High Degree of Confidence

Common Factors for Establishing a Peer Group


How much do we each spend on advertising as a percentage of our sales?

Who is getting the best return on that investment?

What kind of program or strategy do you employ?

What does your competition do in the same books?

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