GE Cable Ties, Nylon Assorted Sizes, 650 Per Pack 50725


Assorted cable ties in multiple sizes and colors for appliance repair jobs.

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Keeps electrical cords and wires neatly bundled to prevent tangles and accidents during appliance repair jobs. Assorted sizes and colors make for convenient use. Bundle diameters range from 7/8″ to 3″, and lengths range from 4″ to 11″. 650 units per pack, with 18 lbs to 50 lbs tensile strength. These cable ties are a must for appliance repair technicians everywhere.

Highly-Rated Assorted Cable Ties

These GE cable ties have over 60% 5-Star Reviews on Amazon. Reviewers said:

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I bought these to have around the house, a thousand and one uses. Already used more than a dozen. Great for securing all kinds of things. Got enough to last a long time. Great price.

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I made the mistake of buying some cheap ties on eBay. They snapped every time I cinched them up. These are excellent quality. Seems like the colors were just fine for my use.


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