IIT 21560 Pick and Hook Set with Rubber Grip, 6-Piece


Pick and hook set perfect for accessing hard-to-handle objects.

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When you need help removing small appliance parts, such as rings, springs, washers, and more, this pick and hook set is just right. The set includes 6 picks and hooks at multiple angles and curves for just about any requirement. Rubberized grip for maximum control and long-lasting durability and comfort on any appliance repair job.

Top-Rated Pick and Hook Set

The IIT pick and hook set is highly-rated on Amazon. Customers who bought this product said:

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Great quality and a needed tool for picking out pieces of sparkplug boot that often tear on the deep well applications.

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Nice picks, combines the small size of the pick with a long stem so you can reach deep hidden places. On top of that handle allow good conotrol of the tool.


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