Milwaukee 49-66-4562 Shockwave 1-7/8-Inch Magnetic Nutdriver Set


Color-coded magnetic nutdriver set ideal for appliance repair techs.

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This Shockwave 1-7/8” magnetic nut driver set is manufactured with a proprietary steel and heat treated process ensuring maximum strength and durability for any appliance repair job. The nut driver set features a powerful magnetic tip for a secure grip. Color coded band allows for hassle-free size identification and chamfered edge to easily fasten in tight spaces.

The 4-piece set includes a Shockwave 1-7/8” magnetic nut driver ¼”, Shockwave 1-7/8” magnetic nut driver 5/16”, Shockwave 1-7/8” magnetic nut driver 3/8” and Shockwave 1-7/8” magnetic nut driver 7/16”.

Magnetic Nutdriver Set

This color-coded magnetic nutdriver set is perfect for appliance repair technicians. With high reviews on Amazon, customers said:

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These are awesome and high quality. I have several sets of these. Milwaukee makes the best bits. I love the coloring so you can easily recognize the size.


[custom_blockquote style=”blue”] I got tired of buying magnetic nutdriver bits separately. I also wanted a set that would fit into a magnetic bit extension I have. This Milwaukee set is made to order. They are color-coded, which helps me quickly retrieve the right one from my drill pouch. I use these with a Milwaukee V28 drill, but you could use them with anything that will handle a nutdriver. So they would work in a magnetic handle, a magnetic bit extension, just the chuck of the drill, or even non-magnetic systems that use a ball bearing to lock the bit in. That is what that divot in the end of the bit is for.[/custom_blockquote]


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