Sperry Instruments GFI6302 GFCI Outlet/Receptacle Tester


Sperry Instruments Outlet/Receptacle Tester is ideal for appliance repair jobs.

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Sperry GFCI Outlet Tester for indoor use is ideal for appliance repair technicians. Tests standard 3-wire and GFCI protected 120V outlets for 7 common wiring errors. GFCI function tests GFCI and standard outlets wired in series with GFCI outlets (e.g. multiple outlets in kitchen or bath). Neon lamps indicate 7 common wiring conditions with the wiring condition legend easily visible on top and bottom of the tester. It features a compact ergonomic design with over-molded rubber grips. UL/CAS/Intertek, CAT III 300V Operational Voltage Range: 120V AC Frequency: 60Hz

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Get this Amazon’s Choice, highly-rated receptacle tester today. Customers who bought this product said:

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[custom_blockquote style=”blue”] This is a very useful and handy tool to have when checking for correct installations of power outlets in your home or elsewhere. Not only does this test for the correct flow of AC outlets but also can tests your GFCIs working right or not by a click of the button (once you test it, you have to reset your GFCIs back to working setting). The build quality is top-notch and very cute. [/custom_blockquote]


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