TEKTON 7597 36-Inch Claw Pick-Up Tool


36-Inch claw pick-up tool is perfect for retrieving items in hard to reach spaces.

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The TEKTON 36-Inch Claw Pick-Up Tool retrieves small, non-ferrous objects that magnets cannot. When objects are difficult to reach, reach for this claw pick-up tool for any appliance repair job. The flexible spring steel shaft is 36 in. long and has a spring-loaded, 4-prong steel claw.

Top-Rated TEKTON Claw Pick-Up Tool

With over 150 5-Star Amazon Reviews, the TEKTON pick-up tool is a must for retrieving items. Customers who bought this product say:

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Let me tell you that I bought this for the sole purpose of grabbing several pairs of socks that fell behind the drawer. The socks were preventing the drawer from closing. This tool assisted me tremendously. If you need a grabber for a tight place, this is the tool.

[custom_blockquote style=”blue”] It’s a claw pick up tool, and it does it’s job well. The claws open about a half inch, so it should pick up most nuts and bolts one might inadvertantly drop in the engine bay of their car, or the accidently drop of something into the sink. [/custom_blockquote]


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