TEKTON 7601 Telescoping Magnetic Pick-Up Tool


Telescoping magnetic pick-up tool for appliance repair technicians.

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A solid pick-up tool is a must for any appliance repair technician. The TEKTON 7601 Telescoping Magnetic Pick-Up Tool features a Chrome Plated Steel Shaft, Gold Plated Pocket Clip, Cap, and Magnet Holder, Black Enamel Coated Housing. This top-rated pick-up tool telescopes from 5-3/16 inch to 25 inch. The powerful magnet can lifts up to 3-Lbs!

Top-Rated Magnetic Pick-Up Tool

TEKTON’s highly-rated magnetic pick-up tool has over 172 5-Star Reviews on Amazon:

[custom_blockquote style=”blue”] Sturdy telescoping rod that fits in your pocket. Very helpful for grabbing fish tape in a wall or for picking up screws in a hard to reach spot. [/custom_blockquote]

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I got this after losing too many nuts, bolts, sockets, and other things in my engine compartment. Took about 2 or 3 tune ups after buying this and I dropped a nut pulling out an evap canister. Anger turned to, oh wait I have a tool for this now and I pulled this out stuck it down into the dark hole and click, click, click. I got my missing nut, a mounting piece from the battery mount, and a washer. So yeah it works.



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