Wire Cutter and Wire Stripper, Stranded Wire Cutter


Wire cutter and wire stripper cuts solid and copper wire easily.

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This wire cutter and wire stripper by Klein has a strong, serrated nose and double grip handle. It handles 10-18 AWG Solid Wire and 12-20 AWG Stranded Wire. This dual wire cutter and stripper features wire looping and bending holes, a strong-gripping serrated nose to easily shape or pull wire, and a closure lock for easy storage. The coil spring allows for fast opening, making it ideal for appliance repair technicians. The flexible, comfortable design makes for easy work in tight spaces.

5-Star Wire Cutter and Stripper

This top-rated wire cutter and stripper has over 630 5-Star Amazon reviews! Here’s what customers say about the must-have tool:

[custom_blockquote style=”blue”] I do wiring for a living. I make cables and I am constantly prepping small wires to solder in tight places. I needed wire strippers that were precise on very small gauges. These are excellent, they don’t take any more than they are supposed to. Now my 26 gauge stranded wires don’t lose any hairs when I’m stripping off the jacket. [/custom_blockquote]

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You really need these if you need to strip small wires. I was extremely tired of stripping small wires with knife, or cutters, or scissors or ANYTHING else not made to do this job. I am in a position where I need to strip cat5 and cat 6 cables from time to time (not for normal network cables). That is 22 or 24 awg and this makes it SO much easier.



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