BSH Recognizes Service Excellence

Recognition & Celebration BSH Customer Service was honored and pleased to award our top authorized service partners for their high performance standards at the annual UASA-ASTI (United Servicers Association – Annual Service Training Institute, ASTI) convention in San Diego, California. The award selection process was competitive and based on data collected for each service visit …

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Extreme Customer Service – an Olympic Sport

By Paul Mac Donald While there are many extreme sports that are showcased in the Olympics, Customer Service is not one of them. Customer service is the cornerstone of building a successful business. The easiest, fastest and most profitable way to grow your business is through “great” service. Extreme customer service is about exceeding expectations …

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A Word or Two About ChatUSA

By James Dolbeare, AAA Appliance Service Center I am consistently struck by the fantastic camaraderie and helpfulness of a wonderful United Servicers Association benefit, ChatUSA, an Internet chat room hosted by UASA for UASA members. Experienced professionals instantly assist one another in an exchange of emails, and as a consequence, ultimately help the consumer. Just …

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Automating Communications Between Office and Customer

By Glade Ross, RossWare Computing Everyone these days is attempting to do more, but with a fixed quantum of time.   It’s not just you and personnel in your office.  Your customers too are juggling many balls at once, and telephone calls are often inefficient.  They simultaneously tie up two people, who must come together — …

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United Appliance Servicers Association

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