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3 Huge Customer Service Tips

By Tara Rahe, Nationwide Inbound Customers have become much savvier over the years. They feel that if you aren’t going to at least meet their basic expectations, your competitor will. A recent Right Now study was conducted and discovered these three ways businesses are falling short on customer expectations. 1. The company was unavailable 58% …

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Doing Warranty for the Right Reasons

By Doug Rogers President of Mr. Appliance Take a step back and think about the mix of warranty vs. C.O.D. calls in your business. Are the majority of your service calls warranty or C.O.D.? Of course, depending on the stage and other environmental factors affecting your business, the optimum percentage of each will vary. Here …

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United Servicers Association Berkeley Presents Exciting Opportunity with Appliance Repair Training Event UASA Fall 2012 Regional Service Training Program goes on the road to bring appliance repair training seminars to 12 major US cities this Fall Berkeley CA — Technology is changing at a rapid pace and is opening up a number of opportunities for …

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Extreme Customer Service – an Olympic Sport

By Paul Mac Donald While there are many extreme sports that are showcased in the Olympics, Customer Service is not one of them. Customer service is the cornerstone of building a successful business. The easiest, fastest and most profitable way to grow your business is through “great” service. Extreme customer service is about exceeding expectations …

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Automating Communications Between Office and Customer

By Glade Ross, RossWare Computing Everyone these days is attempting to do more, but with a fixed quantum of time.   It’s not just you and personnel in your office.  Your customers too are juggling many balls at once, and telephone calls are often inefficient.  They simultaneously tie up two people, who must come together — …

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If Appliance Manufacturers Only Knew

Tanner Andrews, Andy’s Applaince Repair It amazes me that Appliance Manufacturers and their leadership teams have failed to partner with their authorized service companies to promote new product sales.  Consumers are better educated, more skeptical and have access to more information than ever before.  They know sales people are going to lead them to whatever …

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