The Laundry Room

Modeled After ASTI Early Morning Brainstorming Events

Who: Anyone can join, but spots are limited
What: A virtual discussion, similar to ASTI brainstorm sessions
Why: Network, share ideas, learn, & grow your business.
Where: Your home, office, the park – anywhere you’ve got WiFi – it’s virtual, baby!

uasa laundry room

What is The Laundry Room?

The Laundry Room fosters peer discussion on service business issues so you can network, share ideas, learn, & grow your business.

This is a private space for you to bring up your concerns & find solutions to the challenges of running your service business.

Laundry Room Rules

United Appliance Servicers Association

Monthly Membership Price Increases September 1, 2022

Update to the Annual Subscription to Save $101/year.