2022 Board of Directors Election

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2022 Board of Directors Selection

David Costanzo

David Costanzo has served as President and CEO of Appliance King since 2016. He has developed a strategic vision for the company and is expanding Appliance King’s customer services and footprint, to ensure that the company serves as Palm Beach County’s comprehensive resource for appliance sales, maintenance, repair, and parts. David has begun implementing new services to meet customer needs, including same-day local delivery for in-stock parts, appliance maintenance plans, and cloud-based scheduling and tracking systems enabling us to be more responsive.
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David grew up in the family business, and he can’t remember a time when Appliance King wasn’t a big part of his life. Some of David’s fondest memories involve riding around with his father in the company trucks, visiting customers’ homes, and learning about the business firsthand.

David inherited his father’s love of service and his passion for fixing things, and he feels grateful for the opportunity to continue his father’s work in serving the community through Appliance King. While he has been involved in the business throughout his life, David took over the company formally following the passing of his father Jim in 2014. Prior to joining Appliance King as President and CEO, David worked at AT&T for 6 years, to help pay his way through school. During his tenure at AT&T, David gained invaluable experience managing and running a large customer-focused, service-oriented business. He was rapidly promoted from a retail position to progressively more senior roles in the enterprise software side of the business, ultimately serving as a client solutions executive managing large strategic and tactical accounts. While at AT&T, David won numerous awards for customer service, sales, and leadership.

David holds an MBA and a BS in Aviation from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and a certificate in “Effective Communications and Human Relations” from The Dale Carnegie Program.

David also possesses several technical certifications with respect to appliance repair. He holds an ioAST (Institute of Appliance Service Technicians) Certification from Fred’s Appliance Academy, an EPA Type 608 Certification in Stationary Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, and a NASTeC – (National Appliance Service Technician) Certification from ISCET.

David believes in “doing the right thing,” taking care of others, and supporting his community. He is an active member of the congregation at Journey Church in Boynton Beach, where he serves on the technical team providing audio-visual support for sermons. David also enjoys fishing, cycling, and spending time with his family.

David has a passion for antique appliances and proudly displays a working 1935 GE monitor-top refrigerator in his living room.

Doug Scheer

My first job after graduating from a technical high school in 1988 was as a technician working for AABC Appliance of Hartford CT. At that time the company had several branches around the country and I was personally trained by one of the partners. We were a COD same-day service company. ABC Appliance was sold in the early 1990s to a gas utility in the mid-west and the culture of taking great care of customers began to suffer and so I knew I needed to make a change. I wanted to work at a company where my hard work would contribute to building something great and so unfortunately I had to explore my options.
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In 1993 I met Jay Miskin of AAction Appliance through an interview and he decided to hire me. I was very excited that we had very similar expectations and goals. It was a very different company and structure from ABC Appliance as Jay was a one tech shop with his wife working the office and they ran their business out of the home which was unlike ABC which had 26 technicians and a commercial office that dispatched statewide. Jay also proposed a straight commission pay structure as opposed to the hourly rate of $12 an hour of ABC. I was initially concerned that Action may not have enough work for me to be successful on commission, but since I was young I took the chance. I never skipped a beat and thrived knowing that I was getting a piece of the pie on every call and it helped me with my current mindset which is to treat the customer like it’s my own business. Honest hard work, being efficient, and building relationships with the customer so that future visits to their home were always smooth and successful made me love to be the “Maytag Man”. (I didn’t imagine that at age 10)

Over the years, Jay and his wife Lisa acted as owners and management, it was in 2009 that I became the service manager in an official capacity. At the time we had a technician size of 3-6, by 2012 we grew to around 6-8 technicians and an office staff of 5. In 2014 I became the General Manager as well as the service manager. I had oversight over all the tasks of running the business. I had an office manager and parts manager to help lead the team. Over the next couple of years, we purchased a building and moved our company, expanding our coverage into Rhode Island and into parts of Massachusetts.

The last 5-to 7 years have been the most fun as we have focused on our business structure, culture, and process. The rewards of having a good organization have been a business that runs very well and we have grown up and trained additional leaders like our current office manager, service manager, parts manager, and soon to come, our lead techs. We currently have 18 technicians and focus every day on our number one goal which is to take care of our customers in the best way that we can, which originates back to the very first conversation that Jay and I had in 1993 at my interview.

I humbly admit that I have so much to learn and love to grow from my mistakes. I look forward to the possibility of becoming part of the UASA Board so I can be a part of a team of peers and share my gifts and talents in helping to lead an important organization in our industry.

My number one passion is my family. My wife and I have been married almost 20 years and we have three children, Chloe(17), Joy(14) and Ben(12).

Other positions that I hold and passions that I pursue.

  • My interests lean toward the encouragement and the blessings of relationships with family/friends and community.
  • Deacon/Leadership position in my Church- 12 years
  • Co-founder and Leader of a non-profit that cares for those in the community- HOPE 410
  • Member of a BNI group- 2+years
  • State Advisory Committee Member of the CT 9th District

Phil Whiteford

Phillip Whiteford is the founder and CEO of Omega Force Appliance Repair in Minneapolis, MN.  He launched the business in 2013 and started as a one-man operation.  Phillip put down his tool bag on May 30th, 2019, and now focuses his energy full time running the company. The business now has 11 employees comprising 7 technicians, 3 office folks and Phillip.  Omega Force Appliance Repair has grown steadily every year since its founding in 2013.

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When Phillip started the business, he created a company that was focused on integrity and doing the right thing, every time, no matter the cost.  All of the techs have a patch on their arm that reads, “Integrity driven service hero.” This helps remind the technician of this important value to the company. Every dollar of cash is recorded to the books and all taxes are properly paid.  Omega Force Appliance Repair is built upon a strong foundation and looks forward to future growth of the company. The company’s five star Google rating with over 1,000 reviews speaks to the good-standing reputation in the community. 

Omega Force was proud to be the recipient of the prestigious Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Ethics for 2017-2018. We truly focus as an entire company in doing the right thing, every time, no matter the cost. 

Outside of work, Phillip is a proud dad of seven kids who range in age from three to eighteen years old.  He has been married to his lovely bride Theresa for 20 years.  Phillip likes to spend time with his family, is active in his church, loves strategy games, walks and traveling. 

Steve Zimmerschied

Luxury, High-End, High-Touch Point Customer Expert. Entrepreneurial, results-driven and strategic-minded executive with 25+ years of demonstrated expertise in driving highly successful customer and brand support transformation initiatives that drive revenue, profitability, competitive advantage and customer loyalty & retention. Proven superior networking and relationship building skills put to work to develop and keep fruitful partnerships with internal and external stake holders delivering bottom-line growth of the business and providing an exceptional and seamless full life-cycle customer experience.

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My current role is focused on business and service development. Analyze new market penetration opportunities, new contract planning, technician recruitment, training strategy and dealer/distributor relationships. 

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